Master Chef: Peirce Edition

Our chefs preparing for their competition.

Our chefs preparing for their competition.

Late last night, two of Kenyon’s culinary geniuses (aka two of our writers) met in lower Peirce to participate in the first Master Chef: Peirce competition. Our two competitors, Elizabeth Norman ’16 and David Belsky ’16, were told they had five minutes to prepare the best dessert they could. They had to use the dessert pizza in some form, and had to include at least three other ingredients. Check out the results after the jump! Elizabeth prepared a dish she calls the Dad’s Special. It included mint chocolate soft-serve in between two pieces of dessert pizza. It was topped with a special sauce (chocolate sauce with a little coffee mixed in), caramel, sprinkles, cocoa puffs, and a little bit of spiced red pepper.

Dads Special

Dad’s Special, by Elizabeth Norman

David named his dish Hungarian Goulash. He started with a tortilla from the deli section, and put a piece of dessert pizza inside with chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and dried cranberries. He then wrapped it all up and put it in the panini press. To top it all off, he added a little soft-serve and a couple cherries. He also noted after the fact that instead of grabbing the normal tortilla, he grabbed one of the ones with herbs in it.

Hungarian Goulash, by David Belsky

Hungarian Goulash, by David Belsky

Here’s what the competitors had to say about the whole process:

I would first of all like to thank my worthy competitor, Elizabeth.  I was worried about what kind of effect the herbs would have on the taste of it but luckily the mint ice cream was able to negate most of it to a pleasant background taste.  I had more trouble with the sheer amount of bread in the creation. That said though, I obviously won and deserve the cash prize. -David Belsky

The competition was absolutely a rush. If I could do it again, I would have planned out the five minutes better, but I’m proud of what I accomplished. Belsky was a real tough cookie, and it was an honor to compete with a man of his tenacity and creativity. -Elizabeth Norman

And now finally, the judging. A panel of three judges scored each dessert on a 10-point scale, four for presentation and appearance, six for taste.

Judge A gave Elizabeth three points for appearance and six for taste, noting an “unexpected yet wonderful crunch/red pepper spice”

Judge B gave Elizabeth two points for appearance and six for taste.

Judge C gave her three points for appearance and five for taste.

That gives Elizabeth an average score of 8.7.

Judge A gave David three points for appearance and five for taste.

Judge B  gave David four points for appearance and three for taste.

Judge C gave him three points for appearance and four for taste.

Leaving David with an average score of 7.7, making Elizabeth the first ever winner of The Thrill‘s Master Chef: Peirce Edition. Congratulations to both competitors for putting up a good, clean fight.

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