10 o’clock list: Best Professors to Share an Herbal Refreshment With

via bu.edu

via bu.edu

Some of you may have spent the day celebrating. Most of you probably spent the day inside the looming walls of Olin, dreaming of better days to come. 4/20 has long been celebrated as a day of rest, and we would like to spend some time reflecting on the professors we’d most like to share an herbal refreshment with:

  1. Sylvie Coulibaly, History. I don’t necessarily want to smoke with her, but (and I realize this is something doable but perhaps disrespectful) I want to get high and then listen to one of her class lectures. Prof. Coulibaly is both brilliant and hilarious. Also, her voice. Getting high and listening to her speak on one of the MANY subfields of history she specializes in would be extremely pleasurable.
  2. Jay Corrigan, Economics. He’s such a dad, but who doesn’t want to get stoned with a dad? Especially if he’s wearing his “I ♥ ECON” shirt!! And there is just this feeling that he is full of random knowledge that would probably just stream out of him. It would be magical.
  3. Ennis Edmonds, Religious Studies. Not only is the man the nicest human at Kenyon, but he’s also written a book on Rastafari. We could chill out, put on some Bob Marley and talk about the intricacies of Afro-Caribbean religion.
  4. Anna Sun, Sociology. Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t want to sit for hours and talk to Anna Sun about the meaning of life, happiness, the stars, your latest existential crisis or pretty much anything else? She has the most soothing voice on the planet — you might as well just be under a trance.


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  5. When I went to Kenyon, everyone got smashed, got into their cars and got smashed at the foot of the Bishop’s backbone. Only the source of pleasure has changed, not the result.
    Tuition was $2,500 then. A value then, but at $50,000/ yr. WHAT A WASTE.

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