Kenyon Doppelgangers: A. Corn ’14 and S. Quirrel ’14

squirrel doppelgangers

These two have an uncanny resemblance.

Since their first year at Kenyon, A. Corn ’14 and S. Quirrel ’14 have been confusing passersby on a daily, sometimes minutely, basis — causing people to become a little squirrely. Nearly indiscernible from every angle, these two are frequently confused (much to their dismay) despite living on opposite ends of campus.

In fact, after tree-mailing Corn and Quirrel and meeting them inside the servery, I could hardly ascertain one from the other. It was clear that this was a nightmare for the both of them. In fact, they nearly refused a photo. While both participate in a variety of clubs and sports (Corn is currently trying to revive the Squash team while Quirrel participates in ECO, PEAS and is on the dance team), both seem to have taken serious offense to their doppelgänger title.

photo 1-1

A. Corn ’14

In fact, I think they’re following m— [Ed. Ms. Milano was unable to complete the article as she was found below Leonard covered with bite marks and acorns.]

photo 2-1

S. Quirrel ’14

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