The Monday Catchup

Obama Putin

Good morning! Here’s what you missed over the weekend:

The Lead Story: The New York Times thinks President Obama is reviving the Cold War. Says the Times on Obama’s containment tactics:

The administration’s priority is to hold together an international consensus against Russia, including even China, its longtime supporter on the United Nations Security Council.

After The Jump: An alcohol breakthrough, the NBA mulls raising the minimum age for players, an update on the South Korean ferry crash, you can still sue your cereal company, science says eat more dark chocolate and a former reality star is having a baby.

Everything Else:

Powdered alcohol is officially a thing. Will it go the way of Four Loko? Only time will tell.

The NBA wants to raise the minimum player age from 19 to 20.

The death toll of the ferry that crashed off South Korea on Wednesday has risen to over 50.

After trying to pull a fast one on consumers, General Mills decided you can still sue them, even after linking them on Facebook.

Good news: You should really be eating more dark chocolate.

Former reality star Tila Tequila is pregnant.

The Long Read: As Wired reports, Silicon Valley is rushing to cash in on cannabis.

The Weather: As I’m sure you noticed over the weekend, spring has finally arrived in Gambier. Temperatures should be in the 60s and low 70s this week with possible rain tomorrow. Your Sendoff forecast is a high of 70 with partly cloudy skies and a 10% chance of rain.

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