10 o’clock list: 10 More Entertaining Searches That Led to The Thrill

Just imagine that it's Zoe Kontes, perverted Google searchers!

Just imagine that it’s Zoe Kontes, perverted Google searchers!

Long, long ago, before I was even a student at this esteemed establishment of higher academic learning, The Thrill posted this 10 o’clock list outlining several entertaining terms that people searched on Google that led them to this esteemed blog of journalistic integrity. But since then, we’ve expanded in readership, article topics and staff, leading to all sorts of new, varied and strange searches that have brought people here. And now, I’m here to share some of the best with you.

1. “jesus gets fucked” We’ve written about erotica, but usually when it comes to Jesus, we take a much more consensual stance.

2. “zoe kontes nude” We’ve had a surprising number of hits looking for everyone’s favorite Classics professor unclothed, and while we have no feature of the Kontes de Milo, we did once find nude painting that may have been of the Nuge.

3. “gandhi et gollum” I don’t really think that falling into the pits of Mordor counts as civil disobedience.

4. “how to do hypnosis on a stranger fast in indiana” Probably because driving through Indiana is so dull that you have to find some meager way of entertaining yourself. However, that does beg the question as to why residents of Indiana apparently need a different form of hypnosis than most folks.

5. “what is some positive thing about the clock” There is literally nothing good about the Peirce clock, Google search. Nothing.

6. “nude girls at bowdoin” Not here. Only nude girls who didn’t get into Bowdoin.

7. “mysterious things that haven’t been figured out” Because The Thrill is awesome at dealing with existential questions and isn’t much more concerned about the Peirce wall clock.

8. marconi, tony. god vs. gays, the war that never was” While this is actually a legitimate search, upon seeing this for the first time I was sure that this was some Cove-inspired anti-Christian porno.

9. sub sandwich log clip art” Were you looking for a sandwich on a log? Or a log made of sandwich? But wouldn’t a log sandwich really be a hot dog? And why would you need a photo of that?

10. “well that’s just maddeningly unhelpful” AKA: what all of the commenters think of our news coverage. And personalities. And existence.

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