Kenyon Etiquette: When To Wear Sunglasses


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Now that we’ve escaped the terrible gloom that is winter in Gambier, the sun is out more often and ready to get in your eyes. It’s time to whip out your trusty sunglasses, unless you actually enjoy awkwardly half-winking at people around campus if you aren’t shielding your eyes at all times. But sometimes the sun goes away and there you are, continuing to don your shades in the shade like an idiot. What are you to do?

If you get the feeling that your specs are making you a spectacle, it might be time to take them off. I’m sure you feel cool loitering outside of the Bookstore, leaning against the brick in your tortoise shell Ray Bans and smoking your American Spirits. If the sun isn’t really out, however, you run the risk of looking like an insufferable jerk. And wearing sunglasses inside is a little shady, literally and figuratively.

But really though, who cares? Maybe you just enjoyed an herbal refreshment  or cried to your friend about finals over a batch of mac and cheese wedges, and you don’t necessarily want people to see your eyes. Sunglasses are so ingrained in fashion these days that you could say their form serves a greater social purpose–one that reaches beyond their function.

In other words, if you get the feeling that you look like an utter buffoon, slide them up your head and go on your merry way. But if your mirrored aviators give you that extra boost of confidence you need to walk to brunch Sunday morning and potentially face your awkward hookup from last night, you do you and wear them with confidence. Ignore the clouds and break some hearts, hot stuff.

Do YOU feel differently? Tell us in the comments!

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