Middle Path Voices: Sierra De Leon/Tim Jurney

The Thrill is proud to feature personal narratives courtesy of the Kenyon community. Today’s videos come to us via Middle Path Voices, a project initiated by Wanufi Teshome ’16, and featuring Sierra De Leon ’16 and Tim Jurney ’15. For more information, or if you’d like to be involved with Middle Path Voices Project, contact Wanufi at teshomew@kenyon.edu.

Check out Middle Path Voices’ discussion with Tim Jurney ’15 after the jump!

From the Youtube description of Middle Path Voices — “The purpose of the Middle Path Voices Project is to emphasize that we all have stories we carry. We all belong to a personal historical trajectory that can never be known to those who interact with us. It is this personal story that defines us in moments where we interact with others. The people who we roll our eyes at in class or hug for five seconds have a rich story that we may never know. Our personal history makes us who we are, determines what our voice is and how we speak. By knowing people’s stories we can understand their voices just a little better. It is not only difficult to carry stories but it is also difficult to share them in a way that makes someone feel like they can control their own representation. Middle Path Voices is dedicated to making sure that the people who share their stories determine how their stories get told. My only question is what’s your story? The answer is whatever you want it to be.”

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