WKCO Profile: Jazz + Yeezus = Jeezus


wkco profile

From left to right: Nick McGuire ’17, Derek Foret ’17, and Vincent Femia ’17

On a beautiful Tuesday afternoon I met with the musical geniuses behind the WKCO show “Jazz + Yeezus = Jeezus,” Vincent Femia ’17, Nick McGuire ’17 and Derek Foret ’17.

What music do you play on your station?

Derek: It’s a very neat creation because we play mostly jazz and then one Kanye song.

Vincent: It’s not strictly Jazz, we’ve got some modern stuff.

Derek: And then Kanye West.

Nick: Within the jazz we play John Coltrane and Miles Davis a lot.

Vincent: And DC artist Heidi Martin.

How did you come up with Jeezus?

Derek: We started out just playing Jazz, and then we took a quiz for WKCO where we identified pictures and we thought they all looked like Yeezus. So then the name came to our minds, Jazz+ Yeezus= Jeezus.

Vincent: When you combine the two you get religious euphoria.

Where are you from, and does that influence your musical preferences?

Nick: I’m from a suburb of Chicago. I guess House of Blues was a big influence, and I really liked jazz festivals. I don’t think it was as much where I was from than my parents’ influence though.

Derek: Well, Vincent and I actually went to high school together in DC.

Vincent: We did, we were in jazz club together and over the summer we went on a lot of “jazz dates.”

Derek: I also think that rap has such a presence in DC itself, so that’s why I gravitated towards Kanye when I was younger. I love rap, especially the improv aspect of it that also comes through in jazz.

Vincent: I loved Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana when I first started guitar, but I was looking for something more complicated so I gravitated towards jazz.

Why is music so important to you?

Derek: It’s so cool man!

Nick: It was important to my family. I have no idea if my family hadn’t loved or played music if I would still like it, but it’s always been apart of my life.

Vincent: Especially as part of a jazz club at a DC public school, we got to travel around a lot and meet people and experience a cultural and musical side to DC most people don’t get to see.

What about Kanye specifically?

Derek: Yeezus is the masterwork of culture. He just took this persona and documented it in an album.

Nick: His original deaf poetry jam was also really cool. Although, we do have to find clean versions of his songs because WKCO doesn’t allow cursing.

Vincent: I believe Kanye is the second coming, the second Messiah. [They all nod in agreement to this.]

Any weird requests?

Vincent: Someone called in Jimmy Smith, but we thought they meant Jimmie Smith, the gospel singer, so we played “I found Jesus.”

Dream Guest?

Vincent: Kanye and the Dalai Lama. Actually, that should be a reality television show.

Nick: We should have God make a guest appearance on the show. Just have one of us play god or something.

Anything else?

All: Listen! We’re funny and you’ll like our music puns. Plus, you can do homework to jazz!

Check in Mondays from 4-5 PM at WKCO 91.9 FM!

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