10 o’clock list: Members of Your Kenyon Family

Yeah… (via awkwardfamilyphotos.com)

Kenyon is our little home away from home. During these four years, we spend more time overall on campus than we do at home anyways. The people you meet and interact with on a daily basis fill the role of your family. If you think about it in general, it makes sense — we’re dysfunctional and full of angst, yet deep down, we love each other in a weird, warm-fuzzy kind of way. More specifically, many of your Kenyon peers can be assigned specific family roles based on their typical interactions with you. See if your friends fall into any of these potential categories!

  1. Comforting parent: This is that one friend who will always take care of you when you’ve drank just a little bit too much, despite the fact that it’s only 10 p.m. and you just threw up on that statue in the Science Quad. They’ll put you to bed, bring you water, and text you in the morning just in case. This friend will also listen to you sobbing on the phone for hours about anything, sober or drunk.
  2. Sibling: Your roommate. Interpret negatively or positively as you please. It doesn’t matter if you’re opening each others’ beers and considering bunking your beds, or constantly fighting and rudely sexiling each other. Living in such close space with the same person brings out our most visceral sibling-esque personality.
  3. Crazy aunt/uncle: That one upperclassman that always invites you to their parties, offers to buy you alcohol, drives you to Mount Vernon to get a tattoo, etc. Or perhaps your friend that has a really well-made fake ID. Your Kenyon aunt/uncle will never fail to facilitate your desire for disobedience as they serve as your faithful vehicle for rule-breaking and rebellion.
  4. Cousin: Another one that’s up for interpretation. This could be that awesome, too-cool senior who struts down Middle Path like they own this place because, when it comes down to it, they basically do. You may have met them at a party once and now they say a quick “hey,” but any further socializing is awkward and you feel even more inadequate. On the other end of the spectrum, this could be that one person who you can sort of feel okay with sitting in Peirce but you definitely aren’t friends. With enough small talk you can survive through the meal, but in the end you both still have at least two degrees of separation and are in completely different social spheres.
  5. Dog: Or any other sort of fluffy, lovable pet. That one friend who you aren’t necessarily the closest with, but will infallibly put you in a better mood. Just being around them makes you forget the 15-page paper you haven’t started that’s due the next day. They’re loyal and not quick to judge. Talking to them may or may not make you want to ruffle their hair and thank them for existing.

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