Weekend Playlist: Rainy Sendoff Edition

Well, it’s Sendoff. And it’s (kind of) raining. If history has taught us anything, it’s that Kenyon students do not take kindly to any changes in the Sendoff plan — however, we can’t blame this one on anyone but the unknowable universe, so let’s just lean into it. Dig out your wellies, your cardigans and your flower crowns, huddle on Ransom for warmth, and pretend you’re at one of those British music festivals where really cool bands play but nobody ever seems to be having thaaat much fun.

(If I know Kenyon, though, and methinks I do, we’ll still find a way to have big, dumb, drunken fun today, even if the weather is suboptimal.)

“Only Happy When It Rains” — Garbage

 “I Think It’s Going To Rain Today” — Nina Simone

 “Purple Rain” — Prince [Ed. –Hey, Kenyon-relevant!]

“No Rain” — Blind Melon

“Don’t Rain On My Parade” — Barbra Streisand (Funny Girl)

 “Rainbow In The Dark” — Das Racist

“None Of Your Business” — Salt & Pepa [Ed. — This song has absolutely nothing to do with rain or Sendoff or anything, really, but I’ve included it anyway because I love it very much. Boom. Salt & Pepa-rolled.]


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