10 o’clock list: Kenyon Randos

Objectively, Kenyon isn’t really a big school. Yet somehow, there are always these groups of random people that seem to always be around, perpetually anonymous to me yet familiar by way of association with their general way of being or where I see them. Although there are many individuals in this category that stand alone, there are several key categories of Kenyon randos that consistently stay in my line of sight but off my radar.

1. Sports Randos. I’m not hating on sports in any way, but I mean, you can’t deny the flocks of Nike crew socks and slide sandals on Old Side. Sometimes it seems like you guys dress from the same communal closet. As a non-athlete, the entire culture of Kenyon sports is somewhat lost on me. Take this into account with the cultish social feel that all sports seem to have, and you get the perfect set of randos for your non-athletic Kenyon student.

2. Normcore Randos. Read: a vast majority of New Side.

3. Cove Randos. A notorious venue that attracts a crowd that doesn’t seem to change. With the same people loitering outside and the same people sitting inside every weekend, it’s incontrovertible. There are definitely Cove people. But who are you?

4. Greek Randos. Sometimes you just see a group of people together and kinda know they are in a frat or sorority together. There’s this unspoken bond that transcends the rest of humanity’s plane of understanding that perhaps they themselves don’t understand. But hey, nice [insert every conceivable article of clothing here] with your Greek letters.

5. Couch Person Randos. Those couches in the Peirce atrium are pretty much private property and I’m somewhat worried for anyone who isn’t a couch person trying to stake their claim on them. It is literally the same group of people and yet I still can’t really get a grasp on who they are specifically. You just know it when you see a group sitting there. They seem to match, nay, blend in with the couch. Plus they can actually balance their food on their laps and eat, a feat which I sometimes find incredible.

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  1. When Greek Life and athletics stop being responsible for 75% of all social events that aren’t of an academic nature.

  2. Another anti-fraternity/ and anti-athlete post. The question is: who are you?
    Also, greek life and athletics produce leaders. Would you really want a school without them?

  3. i don’t think this is anti-frat or anti-athlete. to an athlete or someone super involved with greek an average student involved in secondary extracurriculars and none of the overarching ones seems like a random? its about otherness not the value of a person

    • Wait, what makes non-greek or non-athletic extracurriculars “secondary”?

      I agree that this post isn’t anti-anything, though. It just seems weird because the author is posting something that sort of only works for her and her friends–for most of Kenyon, all these people she considers “randos” are friends rather than strangers. I just don’t feel like this post has a place on an all-campus blog, since it lumps most of the campus into wide groups that are all considered “other.” I think this would make more sense as a blog post for yourself, or as something to talk about between your friends, Molly. It just doesn’t really work in this medium where your randos compose most of your readership.

      • primary ec’s = frats, athletics
        secondary = official orgs (collegian, work study)
        tertiary = clubs + minor student orgs
        perhaps u should read thrill articles more as a joke like i do. then maybe youll not be as upset like you are by the author trolling

      • Maybe as a “rando” I just don’t get the “trolling” part of it. Could you explain that or is it some kind of exclusive thing you use to feel superior to people, since you can’t do that in any other way?

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  5. Well, considering you’re not an athlete or member of a greek organization, you probably shouldn’t comment. Second, who are you to decide who is “random” or not; everyone has a place at Kenyon; this is a community designed to accept and appreciate everyone’s unique talents. Why not try focusing more on the positive aspects of Kenyon’s social life then embarrassing yourself by talking about all the people you don’t know.

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