Was Moodle Hacked?

That mortar board might as well be a backwards snapback.

Last Thursday evening, I was just starting a shift at Helpline when my desk partner let out an exclamatory noise. Curious, I inquired about the source this outburst. He pointed to the home page of his Moodle account, and there, prominently featured, was an animated image of a naked man (his nether region was covered) in some sort of pink and blue cloud world. Warning: animated softporn after the jump

I immediately checked my Moodle account to see if the image had somehow been applied to every Moodle homepage, but there was nothing there. A few hours later I logged back into Moodle to find a similar picture affixed to my homepage. Looking like a cross between Katy Perry and Osama bin Laden, the picture has scared the bejesus out of me every time I’ve logged into Moodle these last few days.

Moodle Hack


Has your Moodle page featured a similar semi-nude man? What can be the source of this strange picture? Was Moodle really hacked, or has the Kenyon administration decided to add artwork to each Moodle page?

Here’s that picture one more time

Moodle for thrill

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