Made in Peirce: Sprinkl’ins Yogurt


At some point in time, a group of grown-up humans in a boardroom agreed on “Whadjyaget?” as a tagline. (via

This “Made in Peirce” comes courtesy of Lucy Phillips ’14, queen of Peirce creations. It was inspired by lunchbox gold of yesteryear, the now-discontinued Dannon Sprinkl’ins yogurt

  1. First, head over to the cold wells by the salad bar and spoon a good amount of the delicious/versatile plain Greek yogurt into a bowl.
  2. Go to the toast station and put some Yoder Family cherry jam on top. This is important — “strawberry will get the job done,” Phillips said, “but the cherry is key.”
  3. Walk over to the soft-serve station and pour on more rainbow sprinkles than could ever fit under the foil lid of a 4.1-oz. cup of yogurt. You’re an adult.


    ? ? (via

  4. Mix together and trade for Lunchables, *~share with friends~*, etc.


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