Kenyon Finally Has A Carpool System!

No, not this kind of carpool. Unless you're a terrible driver (via

No, not this kind of carpool. Unless you’re a terrible driver (via

Sick of trying to bum rides off your hapless, car-owning friends? Well, fear not — an enterprising group of Environmental Studies scholars have put together a carpool system specifically for Kenyon. The Thrill spoke to Catherine Dwyer ’14, one of the students in the ENVS Seminar that created Rideshare, about the project — check it out below!
Q — What is Rideshare?
A — Rideshare is a free, easy forum where users can post or find rides to the airport, Chipotle, home for break, wherever. It can either be accessed from here:
Q –How did it come about?
A — Students in the Senior Environmental Studies seminar expressed interest in creating a rideshare as part of our final project.  People had been voicing frustrations with the new allstu format (a Google group rather than the listserv), and how it had made it more difficult to use allstu to find rides.The rideshare is now hosted on Kenyon ENVS’s new website:, which a group of students in the Senior Seminar designed. The website consolidates a lot of the environmentally-focused projects and activities that take place within the Kenyon community.

Q — What are you hoping it will bring to the Kenyon community?
A — We’re hoping that the rideshare will make transportation more accessible for everyone in the Kenyon community. If you don’t have a car, or don’t want to pay for gas, it can be really difficult to get around Knox County cheaply. We’re also hoping that like Dormside Depot, or some of the other transportation options in the area, that this gets embraced by members of the community. We think this can be a really useful tool!

How would you advertise it, in a sentence?

A — It’s Kenyon carpooling made easy!

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