Master Chef: Athletic Salads

This week on Master Chief, our contestants, Molly Narkis ’17 and Gracie Potter ’17, were challenged to make an athletic salad. That was the only directions they received. With four minutes on the clock, Team Narkis and Team Potter went head to head to concoct a dish for the judges. And the results?

No one knows that woman. she just jumped into the shot. I don't even think she goes here.

No one knows that woman. she just jumped into the shot. I don’t even think she goes here.

Contestant #1 – Gracie Potter’s original athletic salad: Olympic Gold

Olympic Gold

The Olympic Gold Salad

 The salad is composed of lettuce, cucumbers, beets, cold noodles, shredded carrots, water chestnuts and yellow jello.

Judge # 1 – Tastes like Russia, in a good way. The jello was not that weird. Actually, the beet flavored jello was the best part for me.

Judge #2 – I found the salad in theory to be stressful, but I liked it.

Judge #3 – This tasted much better than I had expected. The jello was a surprisingly pleasant addition. This salad is also very on point for the theme.

Contestant # 2 – Molly Narkis’ original athletic salad: The Bench Pressed

The Bench Pressed Salad

The Bench Pressed Salad

The salad’s main ingredients include lettuce, cheddar cheese, water chestnuts, and panini-pressed vegetables: cucumbers, white leafy things and edamame.

Judge # 1- Presentation: excellent. Creativity: excellent. Taste: average. It was bland, straight up bland. Too heavy on the oil. I’m also weirded out by warm vegetables.

Judge # 2 – There were blobs of cheese. Maybe it’s a question of taste …? O.K. I found the warm cheese disconcerting but I liked the edamame.

Judge #3 – This was also very good, but not as adventurous as the other. Using the panini press was a good move, and this was a very nice presentation.

In the end, the judges decided that Team Potter won with The Olympic Gold Salad. Congratulations to our champion, and also to Team Narkis for being a worthy opponent!

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