Founders of Nite Bites Café have proposed to sell it to the College

Nite Bites Café owner Sean Grant '14 in Peirce Pub (via the Nite Bites Café Facebook Page).

Nite Bites Café owner Sean Grant ’14 in Peirce Pub (via the Nite Bites Café Facebook Page).

This post was written by Collegian Editor-in-Chief Madeleine Thompson ’15.

The five owners and founders of Nite Bites Café, one of few late-night food options for students on campus, have proposed a plan to sell the company to Kenyon. Because they will all be graduating next week, Autumn Anderson ’14, William Friedlander ’14, Sean Grant ’14, Maureen Hirt ’14 and Justin Top ’14 drew up a business proposal that they have submitted to College administrators.

“Basically the idea is I’m leaving, [and] I want Nite Bites to continue on forever,” Grant said. “We want Nite Bites to continue doing things for the community that its been doing.”

Those things include providing food after Peirce closes and giving students experience running a company. The 30-page business proposal submitted by Grant calls Nite Bites “the most significant entrepreneurship hub at Kenyon for more than two years, after the Innovation Greenhouse program was cancelled.”

Grant said the goal is for Nite Bites to always be student-run “because we’re on the ground floor and we know what other students want.” Given the popularity of Nite Bites milkshakes and the sparse on-campus places to turn to when students are hungry after 8 p.m., Nite Bites has certainly filled a gap. “We can do the job a lot better than Kenyon can, or AVI can,” Grant said. “It’s been a really awesome experience.”

Next year, its fourth year on campus, Nite Bites will have four operators, three managers and 15 employees — all students. Grant would not disclose the proposed asking price, but specified that the money would go to him and the other founders since Nite Bites is able to sustain itself financially.

Chief Business Officer Mark Kohlman, who Grant identified as their point person on the negotiations, said in an email that they have been in conversation about the sale for several months. “Sean et al have put together a transition proposal for the College to consider,” Kohlman wrote. “I am in the process of reviewing that proposal. The goal is to make sure Nite Bites continues its operation moving forward.”

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  1. Now, I don’t know much about specifics, but guys Nite Bites is really awesome. I am so proud of Sean and everyone involved for what they were able to accomplish and hope that it can continue on as successful (if not more) as it is now. I hope Kenyon’s administration has enough foresight to see how beneficial this could be for the school.

  2. Two weeks ago, I ordered a bagel with cream cheese from Nite Bites. A bagel with cucumbers arrived an hour later.

      • The college will buy NB, because it is a great PR move. They could easily decide to open up a late night food option on their own, but they won’t because it looks better for them to promote student entrepreneurship. They know this, and that is why they funded Nite Bites to begin with. It is also why they allowed NB to use peirce pub without paying what would be a high rental fee. Also, NB can attribute a lot of its money to advertising and promotions that other school organizations have run, like free milkshakes brought to you by social bored. I’m not saying that it is a bad thing that the administration held NB hand throughout the development of their business, but I hope that the next “most significant entrepreneurship hub at Kenyon” is more significant: I hope it relies more on student creativity, hard work, and intelligence than a hand out by the college and one charismatic owner.

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