How to Be a Person: Packing, Shipping, and Storing



Sure, finals are stressful. But thinking about packing and getting home right in the middle of finals makes my brain want to hide in a melty puddle. If you’re an upperclassmen and still don’t know how to handle your shit, there’s no shame in that.

Part I: Packing.

  • Start a week ago. Otherwise you will be buried alive on Friday night while all your friends are celebrating and you will probably forget to bring any underwear home.
  • Do it in little pieces. Packing a little every night will help you procrastinate and is very calming. Well, at least I find it calming.
  • Return your books ASAP. The Bookstore only buys back the number of books they need for the following semester, so you’ve got to get in there as early as you can so you can finally sell back that copy of Kant’s Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysics of Morals for a solid $1.75. If that fails, there’s always the sketchy van parked on Middle Path that will probably buy it for a quarter.
  • Roll everything. This is a trick that every former camper should know: rolling your clothes tightly is the most incredible magical trick that will make your suitcase bigger or your clothes smaller — I don’t know which.

Part II: Shipping. I try to ship as little as possible because it is absurdly expensive. But, if you need to ship a couple of boxes home, you should sent your lighter stuff if possible. Unless it’s a tiny little guy, package prices are usually calculated by weight. If you literally do not know how to send a package, see here.

Part III: Storing. Sure, you could try to fit all of your stuff into your Honda Civic and drive it all home, but that usually ends in frustrated tears in the Old Kenyon parking lot.

  • PAKMAIL (aka The Dream) will come to your room and whisk your boxes away. And when you move in to your new room in the fall, your boxes will already be there waiting for you. They makes everything so wonderfully easy that it’s not until they are walking out the door with your boxes that you realize that you are now broke.
  • Bikes are probably the biggest nuisance to store. The cheapest option is probably to leave your bike with someone who will be on campus this summer, but that usually ends up in a lost/broken/stolen bike. The Bookstore has space to store 25 bikes, and it only costs $30. If they still have space, you can drop your bike off outside the bookstore between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. today. If that doesn’t work out, Y-Not Cycling in Mount Vernon also provides bike storage for students.
  • Storage lockers are nice. They can cost as little as $200 for the summer, but you can also share them with other people. AAA Storage and Green Valley Storage are both close by and provide locks.
  • If you’re going abroad… both Pakmail and most storage lockers will allow you to store for the semester that you are gone as well, but it will cost you twice as much (i.e., for the summer and then they’ll charge you again for the semester that you are abroad). So, if you’re lazy and have some extra cash lying around, it’s definitely easier to just store everything. Also, check the weather of the place you are going before you store everything; wise advice from a fellow junior: “Don’t assume that Latin America will be warm.”

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