Will You Still Love Me If…? A Guide To Kenyon Etiquette

This post was co-authored by Editor-in-Chief Emma Specter ’15 and Editor Emeritus Spencer Kaye ’14.

via OlympicHotTub.com

via OlympicHotTub.com

…I talk loudly in the periodicals on third-floor Olin?

Emma’s Take — I am not one to dispense wisdom about the importance of keeping quiet in the library, since, on occasion, I have been known to, well, not do that. But, speaking as a mean angry junior, supple young underclasspeople should kindly refrain from being loud here because now I am, as I mentioned earlier, old and mean, and I hate it.

Spencer’s Take — I feel like magazines are meant to be talked about. You know what I mean? But also, do as I do, not as I say, because I hate when people are talking on the third floor of Olin. That is a quiet space.

…I complain nonstop about how much work I have?

Emma’s Take — Hey, guy/girl. It’s finals week. Literally the one constant of this period in time is that everyone has work. Caveat — I do personally feel like I have an unique and appalling amount of work this week, so if everybody could just be cool while I enumerate all the things I have to do, that would be aces.

Spencer’s Take — I think after four years, you just need to give it a rest. Like, everyone’s busy.

…my emotional intelligence is only in the “average” range, per this Psychology Today quiz?

Emma’s Take — First of all, if you’re having a tough time motivating yourself for finals, I highly recommend sampling the wide variety of quizzes on the Psychology Today website. You’ll learn a lot about yourself — top-notch stuff. Second of all, I actually feel like that’s a fairly respectable score.

Spencer’s Take — I thought my range should have been higher. I was robbed. I think the test is flawed. I really thought I gave all the best answers that would lead to being scored “highly emotionally intelligent,” so now I’m not sure if I know what emotional intelligence is.

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