How to Netflix Your Way Through Finals



If you’re like me, your fried study-brain cannot get enough of your parents’ Netflix account. Endless episodes of 30 Rock? Three seasons of Bob’s BurgersBut I’m a Cheerleader? Who could ask for more? But if your finals week guilt is starting to catch up to you, watching television in bed while eating strange snacks and ignoring the paper for English class you’re supposed to turn in tomorrow at 4 p.m. (I mean, hypothetically speaking) can be a dangerous game. To try to eliminate that growing pit of despair that has taken ahold of my guilty heart, I decided to find some Netflix selections that are finals week-relevant. Who says studying can only come from books and academic journals? Television can be just as educational!

Stressing about a biology final? No problem! Just watch all eight seasons of House. I watched one episode once, and I learned that playing by the rules of medicine is for suckers and also that a lot of weirdly attractive people get sick. Maybe you’ll get so inspired by Dr. House, you’ll mouth off to your professor and throw your final in the trash. That would be pretty badass. As for all of you other science-y people, just watch a lot of Nova. The information presented could legitimately help you.

Preparing to write a paper for that pesky humanities class? Try Shakespeare in Love. It’s mostly sex, but there is a little writing and actual Shakespearian stuff. Plus, you get to make fun of Gwyneth Paltrow. If you’re over Shakespeare, just watch way too much Adventure Time. It’ll really get the creative juices flowing, though probably not in the most beneficial way.

Trying desperately to learn sociological and psychological theories? Just watch Donnie Darko. It might not help at all, but at least you can draw comfort from the fact that you’re not being visited by a large, homicidal rabbit in your daydreams.

Political science kids, you know what I’m gonna tell you. House of Cards and The West Wing. Cut. Print. Done.

Finally, if you’re studying for some other final or you really don’t care about anything, I recommend systematically watching every Disney movie that has ever been released on Netflix. They’ll give you happy childhood butterflies in your tummy and you’ll forget what pain feels like.

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