Class of 2018: Facebook Highlights

no they dont

No, they don’t.

You’ve been waiting. You’ve been expecting. And it’s finally here. Yes, the tradition of upperclassmen joining the incoming first-year class group on Facebook is still going strong. We’ve been sifting and trolling our way through the myriad of posts that are flowing in daily, and picked some of the funnier goings on to report back. Remember, class of 2018, we do this solely out of love. We can’t wait to see you guys here in the fall!

  • What cell phone providers have the best service at Kenyon?  None. We use corn husk phones and cigarette smoke signals.
  • Anyone here a fan of the bag pipes?  Welcome to college, laddie, here’s a beer.
  • The diamond mining initiative begins June 21st.  Cool, we’ll get our shovels.
  • Any other nickelback groupies?  Uhh… do Nickelback groupies exist?
  • I confess: “I have just unliked the confessions page.”  Us too, friend, us too.
  • I’d really like to get involved in the improv and hunting scenes at Kenyon. Does anyone know anything about either of these things?  Hunting Improv sounds dangerous.
  • There’s a star inside me, and it just kinda made me think… wow!  You should see a doctor.
  • Obviously school is primary for me but… what are the rules for turning up/partying at Kenyon?  Rule 1: Put on glasses. Rule 2: Watch Mary Poppins and eat Cove. Rule 3: Sleep.
  • “Who else likes loud rap and hates indie music???  ‪#‎ignorantandproud”  #woot #highschool #hashtag
  • Fun fact about me is that my left ankle cracks when I walk down stairs bare foot.  Good to know. We’ll carry you down the stairs when we abduct you, then. (*The Thrill does not condone abduction in any form)
  • I’m gonna fail the alcohol quiz i just know it . It’s okay. Failure sets you up for life anyway.  Take a shot.



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