Rumor Report: Summer 2014

Recently the Thrill staff has heard a few rumors that we would like to put to rest before everybody returns to campus.


The first of which is something we first heard of over the weekend. The rumor mill was abuzz with news that students would soon have to swipe into Peirce for every meal. The Thrill reached out to Kim Novak, Resident Director over at Peirce. She says that there will be a swipe system in place for early arrivals only. According to Novak, “the early arrivals include sports teams, trainers, student assistants, etc.  It’s difficult for us to determine which group will pay for each early arriving student so we hope this will eliminate some of the confusion.” Novak assured us that “when school starts we will not break the open tradition at Kenyon, the entrance will be the same as always. Walk in and enjoy your meal!”


The second rumor we have received a few emails about. We have it on good authority that the mural inside the Caples elevator has been painted over. The Thrill has yet to confirm first-hand, but according to our source, it was requested that the elevator be “touched up” and that parts of the graffiti be removed. Somewhere along the way, there was a mis-communication and the elevator has been painted white. We will post a picture as soon as we get one.

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