Welcome Back!


Wow. Hi. Okay. I feel weird. This is weird right? It’s been a while since we last talked. I mean really talked and I think we just have to get past that ha-ha-how-was-your-summer thing right now before we can get down to business.

Mine was great. Thanks for asking.

Much like our campus, the face of the blog is ever-changing. Starting today we have a new layout! We also have a new staff page where you can check out a brief bio of each of our editors and click on some links to see what everyone has written.

Don’t forget we have a comment policy. Also if you have any tips/suggestions, email us at thekenyonthrill@gmail.com


keep it real folks,


14 responses

  1. Honestly, it looks more like a new header image than a new layout. At most, some things were changed around, but you didn’t go to town with the coding.

  2. Yo, former Thrill staffer (now alumnus) who works with websites and typography here. The new typeface is fine for headers and menu items but it’s not very readable for body text, so I’m sure people will appreciate it if you switch it around for something a bit more boring/traditional that’s less eye-straining to read!

  3. I like the font, but agree that it is a little more straining on the eyes. Overall, it looks great. I tend to think simpler changes are usually the best ones, and this isn’t too radical.

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