Klexicon Entry: A is for Asphodel

Meadows sweet with WHAT?? via kissmybuns.net (LOL)

We’ve heard it sung many a time in Kokosing Farewell, certainly we’ve taken our opportunities to emphasize the first syllable to ASStounding comedic effect (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?) but what is asphodel and more importantly what does it mean? Don’t worry. We got you.

Asphodel (ass-fo-dell) n. – a plant of the genus Asphodelus which are related to the lily plant, and sometimes grow near bogs. Known to have pretty flowers.

Kenyon Kontext: “In meadows sweet with asphodel…”

Traditionally, asphodel is associated with dead and the Classical Underworld, by which I mean Homer might have made it up. In the last two stanzas of Kokosing Farewell, the speakers are asserting that even far in the future, when Death comes to call, etc., even the river running by the fields of asphodel in the Underworld will remind them of the Kokosing and Kenyon, which is double crazy because according to Greek mythology, at least one of those rivers (the Lethe) makes you forget everything, so to still remember the Kokosing/Kenyon is pretty nuts, right? Like when you think about it like that it’s like…

Anyways, asphodel are flowers, Kenyon til we die, never forget, GO TEAM

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