Kenyon Pets: Charlie the Pit Bull

Don't pretend this isn't the cutest fucking thing you've ever seen.

Don’t pretend this isn’t the cutest fucking thing you’ve ever seen.

Charlie is new on the Kenyon Pets scene, but chances are you’ve seen him trotting his way down middle path these past few days. He belongs to Stella Ryan-Lozon ’13 and Kale Barber ’16, who have been fostering dogs for the past year. While all of their foster dogs have gone on to find successful and loving homes, something about Charlie charmed them, and he’s now a permanent resident on campus. In a way, he’s just like all the other first-years. So we asked him some classic first-year questions. Check out his answers after the jump!

  • Where are you from? Akron, Ohio
  • What is your major? Undecided, but considering a major in Snugglenomics
  • Where are you living? Gund, but all my friends live in McBride
  • What clubs are you thinking about getting involved in? Ballroom dancing, dance team, and I’d love to start a tug-of-war club (Get it? Cause he’s a dog lol)
  • Which side of Peirce do you sit on? I like to take my food outside so I can roll around in da [sic] grass
  • What is your favorite thing about Kenyon? Learning about all the nice people!


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