The Monday Catchup

Jack the Ripper

Good morning! Here’s what you missed over the weekend:

The lead story: It appears that the mystery of Jack the Ripper was solved when a book was published containing “conclusive DNA proof” that the London based serial killer was one Aaron Kosminski. Kosminski, a Polish immigrant, entered an asylum the same year the killings stopped and has long been one of a handful of Ripper suspects.

Check out more news after the jump! Coming up, a royal baby, Scottish independence, Obamacare success, and much more.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting a second child, it was announced this weekend.

While in another part of the island, the Scottish Independence Movement ramps up as the UK nears the September 18th vote for independence. But the popularity of the movement in Scotland has British financial markets worried.

Twitter may become even more addicting, and profitable, as the company begins testing a “buy” button on promoted tweets, allowing users to buy products in promoted tweets with a couple of clicks.

A recent study finds that the blue-whale population of California has returned to pre-whale hunting levels.

A new study suggests that Obamacare is already having a positive impact, as emergency room visits for young adults have declined, as this demographic is now able to stay on their parent’s plans.

With the arrival of the one-year anniversary of Bridgegate, NJ Governor Chris Christie seems to have mostly moved on, but investigations are ongoing.

Three federal judges, who have ruled in favour of gay rights in the past, will hear cases on whether to uphold same sex marriage bans in Idaho, Nevada, and Hawaii.

The long read: A Harvard study suggests that the wealth gap in America is unsustainable but unlikely to improve soon. The study can be read here.

The weather: Expect overcast and rainy this week as it appears the summer has finally come to an end.

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