10 o’clock list: So You See Your AT at a Party…

via dmhanmation.wordpress.com

via dmhanmation.wordpress.com

Whether it’s a fellow Kenyon student who just happens to be bilingual or a foreign student on a Fulbright, sometimes it’s hard to remember that your AT is actually a living, breathing human being. So when you drunkenly stagger into them at Highlighter party, here are a few strategies to guide your interaction:

  1. A well-timed “Hola, ¿cómo estás?” (or the equivalent in whatever language) goes a long way in awkward AT interactions because there’s no better time to practice another language than when you are wasted and have zero inhibitions about your grammar and/or sounding like a total idiot. So maybe you didn’t take those seven tequila shots expecting tonight to be educational, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn something useful anyway!
  2. Make a friend! Maybe they can put in a good word for you to your professor later (example: “By the way, I saw ____ grinding against a wall/a person/a trash can in the Peeps lounge the other night, and in our 15-second slurred and incoherent conversation about them being terrible at ____ language I really got the impression that they’re super diligent and dedicated to their educational experience. They definitely deserve that A.”)
  3. Ignore them.
  4. Twerk on them.
  5. Make out with them.**
  6. If they are one of the foreign ATs here on a Fulbright, try to make their night as awesome as possible! So what if they ended up in a cornfield in Ohio instead of in New York City, you can still show them a good time (#coveo’clock).

**Not actually recommended.

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