Kenyon Kraft: Oops, I Forgot to Sign Up for a Class at the Craft Center

Look guys I made a friend all by myself

Look guys I did a craft

Whoops. I done goofed. If you did the same thing, it’s okay. Don’t be cry. Follow these steps and you’ll be artsy n fartsy in no time, just like all of those Craft Center kids I think.


  • 1–3 hands.
  • A sharpie.


  1. Make a fist.
  2. Draw circles on the top part.
  3. Put teeny dots in the circles.
  4. Admire your new friend.
  5. Repeat if you have more hands.

It’s just like being at the Craft Center; you’ve got friends, markers, and a feeling of accomplishment. Probably.


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