On Topic, Off Topic

On Topic, Off Topic is an attempt at a “new” feature in which we mention something that is On Topic, aka something the campus is talking about, and something that is Off Topic, aka something we find amusing that nobody else knows about that we feel the need to share with everyone through a semi-pointless blog post. One might say, “Hey Thrill, isn’t this basically just Uphill/Downhill again?” But trust us, this is different.

(via waikato.ac.nz)


On Topic: Chef Meaghan – She and the entire AVI staff have been on point lately. Not only has all the food been good, but they’ve been communicating more with the students than ever before. Don’t believe us? Here are two examples (and don’t forget to tell her what you want for dinner on Saturday):



(via etsy.com)



Off Topic: In need of some more decorations for your dorm/house? Our former Editor-in-Chief announced at our weekly meeting that she just ordered this for herself and intends to hang it in her room. You should get one too. It’ll be tiiiight (pun intended).

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