We’re #8! We’re #8!


We’re all Blair Waldorfs in this game called Life. (via khushideportfolio.wordpress.com)

This morning, a Gawker affiliate called “Rankings” published a list of “Safety Schools, Ranked,” and ol’ Kenyon College took the number-eight spot out of 22 items. Now, I say “items” because while 20 of the other entries are in fact, schools (including Cornell, Dartmouth, and Tufts), #21 is “[Live at home, save some money, read miscellaneous interesting Reddit pages].”

Naturally, there were some grumbles in the comment section along the lines of “For a safety school list there’s a shocking lack of state colleges on here,” but a user named “todovamuybien” clarified Gawker Media’s specific brand of snark for the uninitiated:

This is a whole other universe of safety schools, maybe hard to understand if you didn’t attend a college like it. Everyone thought they were way better than they were, and usually had a lot of cash to back it up. Everyone had a complex about not getting into the ivy of their choice or the upper-tier NESCAC of their choice. Grads of these colleges wouldn’t touch a state school (and for no good reason, I might add).

-a grad of a school on this list.

Now, I’ll just leave that here.

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