Interview With A Kenyon Kat

Our interview subject, Mr. Cuddles

Our interview subject, Mr. Cuddles

Many students have certainly noticed that there are many cats wandering around campus. Some are outdoor cats owned by Gambier residents, but others are strays who make their way from dorm to dorm looking for a laptop to sleep on top of. One of these strays is a tomcat who has been known to hang around the back porch of Peirce. Mr. Cuddles, as I have chosen to call him (he would not tell me his real name), is incredibly friendly with humans, and likes nothing more than to be scratched behind his ears while trying to steal others’ french fries. I managed to get an interview with Mr. Cuddles to see what life is like for a Kenyon Kat.

*This interview has been edited for the sake of brevity, and also because Mr. Cuddles spent a half hour sleeping in the interviewer’s lap.

So how have things been so far this semester?
Hmm, okay. Certainly you have seen an uptick in attention with all of the students back on campus.
*Yawns, rubs the side of his face against my knee.*
Moving on, where do you go once all of the students leave Peirce? Certainly you have other hang out spots.
*Blinks, rolls over on his side, stretches out and shows the interviewer his belly*
And is there a Mrs. Cuddles?
*Gently bats at audio recorder*
Please don’t do that, that’s a very expensive piece of equipment. One last question – what are your thoughts on the upgrades that Middle Path is currently undergoing?
Well, I thinks it is good that Kenyon is trying to make the campus more accessible to all people, though I must say that there are fewer birds to look at because of the lack of trees.
All right, thank you for your time, Mr. Cuddles.
*Walks away, captures a bug and starts to eat it*

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