10 o’clock list: Reasons why Being Single at Kenyon is the Best

All the single ladies (and guys)!

All the single ladies (and guys)!

Don’t have a significant other? Do hot, sweaty nights at Old Kenyon leave you wishing your Ryan Gosling would come sweep in? Honestly, relationships at Kenyon might work for some, but being single is pretty amazing. It’s time to channel your Beyoncé circa Single Ladies.

  1. You are enough. In a relationship, others feel the need to always ask you about what your S.O. wants for dinner or where they want to go abroad. If you are single you aren’t immediately linked to someone else’s name, and you can fully develop yourself as an individual.

  1. More time for friends. Instead of bumming it with your S.O., you can buy Cove and sing Destiny’s Child with your friends. No matter your relationship status your friends will always have your back, but it’s amazing to be able to laugh, ugly cry, and dance with your best friends without checking in with your S.O.
  2. You can focus on school, activities, or on Chipotle. Whatever you are interested in, you can give it all your attention without splitting your energy between what you love and who you “love.”
  3. No annoying “cute” language. Do honey-bun, sweetie, babe, and fuzzy pumpkin make you want to barf more than you did at Highlighter? Being single means you don’t have to talk or be talked to like a five year old.
  4. You can make out with anyone or no one. If you want to kiss that guy from your Psych class under the brilliant Old Kenyon lighting, you can do that. If you want to sit back at home and sing “Unwritten” as you dance with a bottle of Barefoot, you can also do that. It’s all up to you, not up to someone else.

Of course, with communication and love relationships at Kenyon can work. Many people are happy in them, but don’t feel like you are missing out if you aren’t. It’s much better to be happy alone and free then to be stressed with someone. And if your Darcy happens to come around you are in a better place to be in a healthy relationship, but if he doesn’t you are still Flawless.

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