10 o’clock list: Ways That You May Have Already Contracted Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease


So, as we all learned from the health center last week, hand-foot-mouth disease is going around campus. The virus, according to the CDC website usually causes mild fever, sore throat, malaise, and skin and/or mouth rashes. While that all sounds pretty gnarly, it is nothing severe, so no need to launch into a full fledged, student-wide panic. If you say hand-foot-mouth disease three times fast it kind of sounds like a fun nursery rhyme for children. The Thrill, with all of our investigative prowess has decided to get to the source. What brought hand-foot-mouth to our little hill and how have you already touched something with your hand and then your foot and then your mouth? 

  1. That pizza that you ate at the highlighter party: You know that pizza that you ate in a beautiful drunken haze while dancing like maniac in a white t-shirt with a delightful penis drawing on it? Well remember when you dropped that pizza on the floor by accident and then picked it up and continued to eat it? Yep. Starting to ring some bells. Well now you may have a tongue rash because you touched that pizza with your hand, your foot, and your mouth.
  2. The time last week that you leg wrestled with your friend just for kicks: Leg wrestling is fun. No doubt about it. But leg wrestling also positions a foot, that has probably been touched by a hand, dangerously close to your mouth. Mystery solved.
  3. When you tried to prove that you could grab something with your foot: Remember when you were trying to impress your crush in ascension the other day by picking up his pen with your foot and then handing it to him/her. He/she chewed on that very same pen and now they have hand-foot-mouth disease. Shit happens.


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