Kenyon Krafts: Customize Your Backpack! Or Ask Me to Do It, I Guess

cool nice

Just a girl and her pack!!

Hey, is your backpack boring? Is it plain canvas? Would you like to change that? Then follow these steps to make your backpack cool and fun! Or just ask me to do it for you, I guess.


  1. Get a backpack that can be drawn on easily! Get some fabric markers! I prefer Sharpie Stain’d or Tee Juice markers! You can also use normal Sharpies but they might fade in the sun!!
  2. Think up the designs you want! Draw up some sketches! What are the things you like?!
  3. Draw the things you want on your bag! Use lots of color! Or a limited color palette! I literally don’t care! Life’s what you make it, so let’s make it rock!
  4. Do what you have to in order to protect your backpack from rain/fading/general washing/damage! Get a spray or something! Iron it! I don’t know!
  5. Or you could bring the backpack to me and ask me to draw a design for you and I probably will. I may demand snacks. Hahaha just kidding. I will definitely demand snacks. Haha yeah.

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