Library Lockers Aren’t Just For Your Books

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 11.14.46 AM As a current senior, I have recently come in to a bit of library real estate. Who knew that I (or you for that matter) could possess a magical key that opened up so many new possibilities? It is the start of a new semester and therefore your library locker (if you are lucky enough and industrious enough to have one) is a blank slate, an open space just waiting for you to fill it with all of your hopes, dreams, and vaguely rotting Peirce bananas. BUT, before you get all obvious and simply put some books, a couple of pens, and a folder in there, really think about all the other potential ways you could use your library locker. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

  • Library lockers are great for a rousing game of library hide and go seek. Sometimes, in the middle of study panic you need to stop and make your friends run around the library and hide behind/under things so that you can try and find them.* A library locker would elevate anyone novice hide and seeker to the ultimate player. Contort yourself so that you can find inside the locker, close the door, and throw away the key. No one will ever be able to find you and you will be forever victorious!
  • Picture this. It’s night. On a weekday. You have two papers and an exam tomorrow. You have been in the library all day and you still have so much work to do. You need to take a little nap to reinvigorate yourself but you can’t possibly make the trek home and then back to the library to finish all your work. What if you had a space in the library that housed a bathrobe, pillow, slippers, an electrical tea kettle with a selection of teas, and a sound machine to help lull you into a peaceful sleep. Wouldn’t that be perfect? You would never have to leave the library again.
  • Sometimes the library can feel a little dreary. In moments like that I need a little pick me up. What if you had a delightful garden growing in your library locker complete with flowers, fragrant herbs, and some vine ripe tomatoes? Library locker gardens are the new trend. You heard it here first.
  • Porn. Sometimes you can’t stash your porn in your dorm room. That is what library lockers are for. Magazines, DVDs, some vintage VHS tapes. Put them all in the locker. You’re welcome.

*The Thrill does not actually endorse running around in the library. That would be terrible. Don’t do that. People are trying to study.

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