Klexicon Entry: B is for Beta Rock

Survivor. Legend.

Survivor. Legend.

Beta Rock is practically a celebrity on campus. Perhaps you’ve seen the rock outside Leonard, heard the stories, or remember Mike Bloomberg referencing it during his commencement speech. But what is Beta Rock? It’s about time we learn, because Beta Rock is a timeless piece of Kenyon history.

Beta Rock (Be-tah Rawk) n. – A large painted rock outside Leonard Hall, owned by the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity.

Kenyon Kontext: “I wanted to go to Sunset Point and sit on a bench, then go to the Beta Rock over in South Quad – although my health commissioner back at home advised me not to sit on that” – Mike Bloomberg.

According to Kenyon folklore, the rock was used in a competition between fraternities up and down the hill for bragging rights. The Betas eventually took possession and have held the rock since, but the rock has been victim to multiple defacements and kidnap. The poor rock has been painted over and decorated more times than the Caples elevator. However, Beta Rock maintains its spirit. Petition for MVP status? Absolutely.

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