Made in Peirce: Making the Most of Your Soft-Serve Experience


Among the true college freedoms are sleeping in, staying up, and eating ice cream for every meal. As we acclimate to our dining hall environment, we can forget how great these opportunities are; it may actually be possible, if I dare say so, to get tired of ice cream. Preventing such a tragedy is of utmost importance; thus I present the following humble suggestions.

Some things you will need (pictured above):

  • An ice cream cone.
  • Two dessert sauces.
  • A breakfast cereal of your choice.
  • A working soft-serve machine (one can only hope).

Proceed with caution:

  • First, select a cone and find a place where you will not be blocking traffic into Old Side.
  • Before going for the ice cream itself, carefully fill the bottom of your cone with your first dessert sauce (I used chocolate).
  • Follow by tilting your cone at a 45 degree angle, rotating, and lightly coating the sides with your second dessert sauce (I used caramel).

A cut-away diagram of the intended effect.

  • Now pack in your soft-serve. For extra effect, you can layer your ice cream with more sauce or peanut butter.
  • Finally, add crunch with a complementary breakfast cereal. I like cocoa puffs.
Take to Old Side and photograph dramatically.

Take to Old Side and photograph dramatically.

Be creative. Experiment. Whatever happens, don’t let your frozen dairy go to waste during these precious four years. If you have additional delicious tips, let us know in the comments.

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