10 o’clock list: Ways Kenyon is like PCA


The similarities are insane.

The similarities are insane.

Although Kenyon isn’t situated on the warm, beautiful California coast and guys like Logan definitely don’t exist here, Kenyon is pretty similar to PCA from Zoey 101. With these differences aside, it wouldn’t be too much a shock if Zoey Brooks was caught eating at Peirce with Lola or if Quinn was trying to fly an airplane off of Peirce. As a matter of fact, Kenyon and PCA could actually be the same school.

  1. KAC sushi is Sushi Rox. At Kenyon, KAC sushi is a vital part of our social, everyday lives. Sushi Rox, arguably the coolest spot at PCA, offers a wide assortment of rolls. The Kac Sushi also has a nice variety, although we cannot promise that boys as wonderful as Chase will be working there.
  2.  Urinals in girls’ dorms. In the first episode, Nicole screams in the bathroom because there are urinals. Similarly, at Kenyon there are urinals in pretty much every bathroom. At first sight the urinal is a scary piece of technology, but if Nicole and Zoey are able to get over it you can too.
  3. Roomies are a process. Remember when Lola pretends to be goth when she moves in with Zoey and Nicole in season 2? For First Years especially, this situation may sound a bit familiar. Although luckily you may not be living with an actor, we all act certain ways when we first meet people. Remember how at first you thought your roomie was super shy? Well now you both have ragers in your rooms and talk about everything. People change, and like Zoey and Nicole you must let others come into their own shell.
  4. Girl’s and Boy’s lounge is Peirce Pub. Both the centers of “studying,” foosball playing, and fun, the PCA lounges and Peirce Pub have a lot in common. Plus, Chase and Logan fighting over the remote sounds eerily similar to two people eyeing the remote to either watch NFL or Bravo.
  5. Everyone dates everyone. Unfortunately, since both PCA and Kenyon are so small, usually everyone ends up dating or hooking up with everyone else. In the end, although there is drama, there are always endgames like Zoey and Chase who will forever be “PCA-married”/ Kenyon married.


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