Dear Alum: Carl Djerassi ’43

Kenyon’s alumni are some of the best and brightest in the world (we happen to think). In this new feature, we’ll be celebrating some of our most beloved Kenyon alums with the highest honor any mortal can hope to achieve: notes/letters published on the Internet. Yes, that’s right, the Internet. 

"Djerassic Park." (I spent so long on this. So long. What am I doing with my life?)

“Djerassic Park.” (I spent so long on this. So long. What am I doing with my life?)

Dear Carl Djerassi,

Thank you for effectively inventing the first successful combined oral contraceptive. While I deeply appreciate your contribution to science and reproductive health, as well as the fact that I can make a weak “Djerassic Park” pun out of your name and laugh at it privately for 16 straight minutes, I do have a bit of user-generated input I’d love to throw your way.

I like the format of your product, but may I suggest: instead of a “pill” that I have to take “every day”, what if birth control was a chewable, “taffy-flavored” substance that I could take only sometimes, when I “remembered”? While I can’t speak for all consumers, this slight modification would certainly help me feel more enthused about your product.

Thank you for your time,

Emma Specter

(P.S. Seriously, thank you for inventing birth control. To me, and countless others, you will forever be head baller, shot caller.)

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