My Elementary School Journals: A Kenyon Story


Bully for you, Adam Reed ’15.

Remember when doing a doing a history project meant you had to dress up like a historical figure? I sure do. Elementary school was a dynamic and educational time. Fourth grade was probably the first time you started to question authority, or else it was the year you learned that you can turn ice cream into soup if you mix it up really well. What I’m saying is that our younger selves were both profound and innovative, and this feature is dedicated to highlighting those brilliant minds and memories.

Read real elementary school journals from real Kenyon students after the jump!

This first post comes from a time that potentially pre-dates kindergarten:

Kip Clark ’16, Undeclared: 2000 (pre-K)

“Dear Easter Bunny,
I like Pokemon. I know you give out pezins so give me a dek of cards.”

"Dear Easter Bunny, I like Pokemon. I know you give out pezins so give me a dek of cards."

Kip doesn’t mince words with the Easter Bunny.

Young Kip Clark knows the Eastern Bunny’s schtick, and he’s not going to waste any “pleases” or “thank yous” when securing his Pokemon cards.

Janie Simonton ’15, International Studies: November 2002/2005 (Third Grade/Fifth Grade)

In the fifth grade, Simonton ’15 wrote an homage in stickers and reminded us of how great Green Day really was:

Janie Simonton

It took Janie approximately two minutes and 55 seconds to write this heartwarming tale:

Janie Simonton2

Mary Alice Jackson ’15, History and Spanish Area Studies: July 20, 2000 (Kindergarten)

“Today is my brother’s last day at Sylvin learning senter. The Sylvin is a place where you do math. While my brother is doing math I have to wate in my car. I have to read and write and do math. There’s one thing I don’t like, I have to do work also. So by-by.”

The dragon picture is unrelated, but lightly concerning

The dragon picture is unrelated, but lightly concerning.

If my kindergarten self could see me working on comps right now, she probably wouldn’t complain about waiting in the car outside “the Sylvin.”

Did you ever complain about ridiculous things as a child? Have you ever read a journal entry you wrote when you were six and quietly shook your head and laughed to yourself about how nothing has changed? Then send your journal entries  to!

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