Weekend Drink: Summertime Sadness

Maybe it'll look like this but probably not.

Maybe it’ll look like this but probably not.

Sad about the impending disappearance of the summer sun? It’s fine! Look, I put Garfield on that picture up there! Obviously everything’s okay! Ignore Lana Del Rey and celebrate summer’s last hurrah with this bright n shiny slushie.


  • Bagged pink wine, because we’re in college.
  • A big ol’ handful of berries.
  • A shallow dish.


  1. Blend up the wine and those berries in your friend’s NCA’s blender.
  2. Pour it all into your quirky shallow dish.
  3. Freeze it for thirty minutes, then scrape it with a fork.
  4. Repeat step three until your pink drink has the perfect slushie texture.
  5. Pour your cute mixture into a wine glass.
  6. Add a paper umbrella and put up your Birkenstock-clad feet. It’s time to enjoy the sun.

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