The Lowdown on Local Foods Week


Charlotte Graham ’13 was a classics major who likes local food systems and couldn’t stay away from the Hill. She is the “local food girl” in Peirce and wants to answer your questions! Write to her or ask Peirce Hall on Facebook.

Welcome to Local Foods Week! Most students probably know that we have some local food in Peirce, but it’s harder to figure out exactly what’s local in a given meal. For example, all the cheese in the deli line is locally produced, and the cookies we get on the weekends are baked by Sarah Miller, an Amish baker who lives just 8 miles away in Mt. Vernon.

This week, we’re highlighting a different local food item each day:

  • Monday – Showcase of local items. Sign up at lunch for the orchard field trip on Wednesday.
  • Tuesday – Kenyon Farm Day. Meet one of the student farmers at lunch. The Kenyon Farm is growing potatoes for us, and they’re raising the turkeys for Peircegiving! Come down to the farm at 4:15 to help out with the work day today.
  • Wednesday – Apple Day! Apple cider and apple crisp. FIELD TRIP to Glen Hill Orchards at 3:30! (I love field trips.) Sign up on Monday and Tuesday at lunch.
  • Thursday – Tomato Day! Eat cherry tomatoes while they’re still in season. AND Chef Meagan is making bruschetta with our local tomatoes and local sourdough bread from Broken Rocks Cafe in Wooster. YUM.
  • Friday – Yogurt tasting with Velvet View Farmstead, who provide our Greek yogurt daily. They’re bringing a range of flavors for us to try. Can’t wait!

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