“Calling” All Writers: Kenyon Alumni Connect as Writers, Friends


Via thecallingbell.tumblr.com

When Frances Sutton ’13 approached Maggie Jaris (also ’13) about the creation of a literary blog for Kenyon alumni, they envisioned a space dedicated to the continuation of Kenyon’s culture of writing and creativity. What resulted was The Calling Bell, a tumblr blog that has proven to “ring true” with the insatiable desire to write of alumni and present students alike . While Sutton and Jaris initially intended for the blog to be exclusively for alumni, they quickly opened it to all Kenyon students. For Sutton, it was an easy decision:”We thought, ‘Why shouldn’t current students get the chance to be involved in a writing space with alumni?’ The appeal of The Calling Bell thus became that it is a space for Kenyon students of past and present to share their fiction, poetry, etc, enjoy one another’s work, and connect with the multi-generational, international Kenyon community.”

The blog has also facilitated interaction and connection between alumni that goes well beyond connecting on LinkedIn. Featuring a range of works from present students to members of the classes of the 1980s, Jaris notes that she and Sutton are hopeful to see submissions from more classes yet. Have there been any stories reunited literary souls or classmates? Jaris also told us, “…We haven’t seen any long-lost friendships rekindled as a result of the blog, but you never know. It’s only the beginning, really.”

Founded in August 2014, The Calling Bell welcomes all literary submissions. Interested contributors may email their pieces to thecallingbellblog@gmail.com.

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