Kenyon Doppelgangers: Sarah Frantz ’15 and Sarah Grace Spurgin ’17


Though they both claim they’ve never been confused for one another, Sarah Frantz ’15 and Sarah Grace Spurgin ’17 had more in common than they first realized.


Both are members of club sports teams; Frantz is the captain of Women’s Rugby and Spurgin is a member of Women’s Ultimate Frisbee. They are both also members of Greek organizations, Spurgin a member of the Archon Society and Frantz a member of Theta Delta Phi. They both claim they’ve never had anybody confuse them for one another, but as Frantz said “maybe they did and I didn’t realize cause we’re both named Sarah.” Also noteworthy, when asked (separately) if they’ve ever been mistaken for the other, both immediately jumped to talking about awkward Peirce interactions. Other similarities include area of study (somewhat): Spurgin is undeclared “but definitely with an ENVS concentration”, while Frantz is a Math major with a Chem minor (it’s all science, right? That’s similar, yea?)

Final note: Spurgin adds, “I have been told that I bear a resemblance to a female Trevor Manz. Do with that what you will.”

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