Things That Should Be Painted On The Caples Elevator


Yesterday we told you about the opportunity being presented by the Housing and Dining Community to help repaint the Caples elevator after it was unfortunately whitewashed over the summer. This got me thinking about some of the things I would paint on the elevator if I got the chance (and didn’t have the painting skills of a toddler).

D-Cat’s Face Nothing inspires awe like a larger-than-life visage of the head of our school. I’m think a little less Shepard Fariey’s Obama “Hope” poster, and more zoomorphic. Literally make D-Cat a cat. Perhaps even cross him with Kenyon alum Bill Watterson’s famous feline, Hobbes. Which brings me to my next suggestion:

Calvin and Hobbes Make the entire elevator a tribute to one of the best comic strips in history with a giant mural of Calvin and Hobbes exploring Kenyon. They could be climbing the Upside-Down Tree, strolling along Middle Path, or playing Spaceman Spiff in Rosse Hall. All I ask is that you avoid painting anything resembling the abomination that is the Peeing Calvin bumper sticker.

Marcel the Shell With Shoes On We may never get our beloved Marcel the Octopus back, but we can get the next best thing with a portrait of the adorable stop-motion protagonist from Dean Fleischer-Camp’s short film. Seriously, tell me that this wouldn’t brighten your day every time you stepped foot in the elevator.

A Giant Where’s Waldo Puzzle Sometimes it seems like the elevator can take forever, and you need something to do to fill those endless seconds. Why not turn the elevator itself into a distraction by making it a seek-and-find. Bonus points if you make it Kenyon-themed. (I heard Waldo is hiding somewhere in the cemetery.)

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