“Gambier Ink”: Tattoos Around Campus, Part III


Erich Slimak ’15

I got my tattoo while I was studying abroad in England last fall … I was working on a really big independent study in poetry, and I was reading a lot of Charles Bukowski (which is stereotypical, I know) … This is the epitaph on his grave. It just sort of felt appropriate at the time. … It doesn’t mean ‘Don’t try,’ everyone thinks that it does … It means ‘Do.’ I think of it as sort of a bastardized version of that Yoda quote that everyone loves.


Kyla McLaughlin ’17

I got my tattoo four days after my 18th birthday. My mom has a matching tattoo … When we went into the shop, we didn’t know what we wanted, we knew we wanted elephants but we didn’t know what design … I actually worked with elephants in Thailand, and my mom wants to do that as well, so we have that bond.

When you look at the head of the elephant, it’s a heart, so when I look at my tattoo, I think of my mom.


Graeme Taylor ’18

I got my first tattoo when I turned 18 … that was about two months ago. I’m going back to Ann Arbor soon to get another … The plan is [to get] about six a year.

They’re American Traditional tattoos, which is the only style I would put on my body. I like them for a lot of different reasons. I’m a big fan of the style, I just want to have a lot of them … It’s nice to have something beautiful to look at when you’re just like mindlessly staring at your arms.

When people say [getting tattoos is] addicting, I think that’s right on the money.


Emma Klein ’17

I don’t want this to sound sad, but [The Little Prince] is a book that I love, and it was my grandpa’s favorite book. He died a year and a half ago … I like that part of the book, where the Little Prince wants to watch sunsets, and the narrator gets confused because you can’t watch a sunset anytime you want to on Earth … and the Little Prince says he loves sunsets when he’s sad and one time he watched 44 sunsets in one day, and the narrator asks him if he was really sad that day and he doesn’t respond … It’s cheesy, but it’s a reminder that even when you’re sad, you can still appreciate some beautiful things in life.

2 responses

    • *maybe* it’s cheesy, is probably what I should of said, glad ya don’t think so though…definitely wasn’t saying the book was cheesy, just that my lil mantra about life being beautiful could be seen that way.

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