On Topic, Off Topic: Water Woes

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On Topic: Boil Alert up North – People living in New Apts woke up Monday morning to find their water shut off.When the water came back on, residents of the apartments were told to only drink water that had been boiled first. They were also told the issue would last about 24 hours, but it’s been about 48 hours since problems first started with no end in sight. Is this a ResLife conspiracy? Will New Apts ever get their water back? Only time will tell.

Off Topic: Water Fountains – If you haven’t already noticed, the library got new water fountains that make it much easier for you to fill up a water bottle. These are great, and I would like to start a petition to have some installed in dorms around campus. Not an official petition, more of a word-of-mouth petition. So if you agree, tell everyone you know.

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  2. I’d like to thank Kenyon College for allowing their students to experience one of the amenities of living in a third world country.

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