Fringe Cove Menu Items: A Review

Photo credit: David Hoyt, ’14

Until you’re able to get into the Cove and realize it’s actually a source of jello shots served by the tray and weird stories for the next day, it’s a somewhat faceless delivery system of oily oases encased in styrofoam. You wait for the call like you wait for Game of Thrones Season 5, and when it finally comes, tears of joy glisten in your eyes as you go to meet your grease-drenched destiny. Most likely, your orders have consisted of mac and cheese wedges, chicken tenders, fries, or some other common appetizer. Maybe a milkshake here, maybe a pizza there, nothing too wild. But man, have you ever seen that menu? It’s pretty extensive.

We looked at all the possibilities, and saw an opportunity. What does a Cove salad taste like? What hidden gems are there in store? We found out, and are here to tell you all about it.

Spinach Lasagna: $6.49

Came with – small side salad (see below), “breadstick”


Natasha Preston: The party that was happening in my mouth was honestly better and crazier than any Old Kenyon party. Bless the Cove for bringing this into my life. Its acidic sauce made my mouth water, and the “breadstick,” which was basically garlic bread, made for the perfect dipping tool. It kind of tasted like a hamburger bun gone Italian in all the best ways.

Molly Narkis:   Holy shit. I was totally not expecting this, but the spinach lasagna is probably my new favorite thing from the Cove. If it wasn’t for this article, I would never have tried this, and that makes me sad. It had mushrooms, which made me happy. The sauce was super good too. Also the garlic bread posing as a breadstick was effin’ delicious. I really want to try the other lasagnas they have. The portion was huge too, so it’s good for sharing. Would be great for a date night in!


Small Burger: $1.99

Toppings chosen – lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, ketchup


NP: Definitely not my favorite, I had a bit of trouble cutting into it. I guess in the realm of fast food hamburgers its average, but definitely don’t order it expecting some exquisite cuisine burger you could get at a five-star restaurant. Our forks always wandered back to the lasagna though, so perhaps there was some bias there.

MN: Not quite as impressive. It was a little bit dry, a little bit tough, but it was a pretty good bang for your buck. We kept going back to the lasagna though. Damn that thing was delicious.

Side Salad (Caesar): included with Spinach Lasagna

Dressing chosen – raspberry vinaigrette


NP: Well it’s pretty hard to mess up a salad, so I would say it was decent. The raspberry vinaigrette though tasted like a Jolly Rancher boiled down, so if that’s your thing, definitely go for it. If not, perhaps another dressing would be more for your taste.

MN: Uh, it was… a Cove salad? Basically what I expected. It wasn’t bad, but again, the godlike lasagna basically tainted everything that followed. Also, don’t go for the raspberry vinaigrette. It was way too sweet, like it was made with raspberry Tang or something. It came with the lasagna so I really can’t complain I guess.


Neon pink. It was neon pink.

Final Verdict:

  • Spinach Lasagna: A+
  • Small Burger:  B-
  • Caesar Salad: C+

Have you tried anything weird from the Cove? Do you want us to try anything else? Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. It would be great if you started a feature dedicated to shedding light on the culinary mysteries of Gambier/surrounding area. Maybe a Knox County non-chain pizza tour would be a good place to start.

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