Lady PSA: How to Deal with Your Period

"Boo" says the period.

“Boo” says the period.

Well, you’ve started college within the past year or three, so you probably menstruated for the first time very recently (or will within the next couple of days). We’re all syncing up. This is going to be really nice. It’s some Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants shit. Need some tampons? Where are tampons? Here they are:

While this is happening and our bodies are all getting in tune with one another, your period is going to start moving. And rapidly. You might be shocked by the sudden appearance of your menstrual flow. What do you do? Simple: Tampon that shit. Or alternatively, get some toilet paper up in there.

If you don’t like option two, here’s where you can find tampon dispensers on campus:

  • Library bathrooms.
  • Maybe Ascension bathrooms (I’m not entirely sure).
  • Basement of Storer (totally certain on this one).
  • Definitely not Peirce.

If you don’t trust me, they are definitely sold at the market probably. But totally the bookstore.


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