How to Be a Grown-Up: Meeting with the CDO for Real Life

Close enough.

It’s no secret that the CDO can be an über unattainable idea of a place. What do they do? Who are they? Why does Scott Layson call himself the CDOgre? Why are his emails so freaking sneaky? Well, I can’t answer the ones about Scott Layson being the biggest trickster in my life but The Thrill IS here to explain how to make the best out of your visit to the CDO so that you can go on to the career or grad school of your tiny dreams.

If you didn’t already know, CDO stands for Career Development Office. And let’s have some real talk team- these people are killin’ it. They are so helpful and wonderful, so treat them well. If you are confused about jobs or internships or future education, the CDO is your best bet. But you gotta be prepared too! They aren’t just going to give you jobbies. But they can HELP you so it is EASIER to get jobbies. Here’s how to make your visit to the CDO not wholly unlike the feeling that I assume accompanies reaching Nirvana.

  1. Set up an appointment: If you click on these words that I am typing right now, you will be taken to a different page. That’s how HYPERLINKS work. Make an appointment with one of the CDO papis. This page also explains different CDO liaisons specialties. I.e. Maureen (not me) is super special powered when it comes to grad school and medical school and other really nauseating stuff. Better you, Maureen, than me Maureen- am I right, Maureen?
  2. Know Your Stuff: When you go in, you should at least have an idea of what you need help with. Have some questions, have a tiny bit of research under your belt- what interests you, what field seems not gross?
  3. Have a Goddamn Resume: It doesn’t even have to be well formatted. They’re really good at helping you format those little paper job deciders. (Haha, Wow! Scary when I phrase it like that, huh?) But the point is that you wanna give your CDO angels something to work with.
  4. Have an Open Mind: I hate bugging people and believed that I knew how to be a polite and respectful human being. But my CDO guardian showed me how to bug people in a way that demonstrated that I was eager and responsible, and that I wanted a job- not annoying. So listen to them and even if it feels unfamiliar or you hate cold calls or cold emails or putting yourself out there, have an open mind! They will not hinder. They will only help.

Best of luck! (Also here is their website with cool videos of grads and stuff and graphs and info, just, jeez CDO you are so good. Seriously you guys I love the CDO.)

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