Take Back The Night Full Schedule

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Take Back The Night is happening this week. Here is the full and updated schedule of events for the entire week.

Sunday September 28th:

Sexualitree Ceremony, Crozier, 8PM

Monday September 29th:

Keynote with Karen Scott ’98, Peirce Pub, 8PM 

Tuesday September 30th:

Lunch with Karen Scott ’98, Leach Dining Room (Lower Peirce), 11:10 AM

Crozier & Sisterhood Discussion on Internet Sexual Harassment, Crozier, 7PM

Wednesday October 1st:

Women’s Discussion, Crozier, 7PM

Men’s Discussion, Weaver, 7PM

Beer & Sex Trivia Night, Village Inn, 9 PM

Thursday October 2nd:

Self-Care Yoga Class with Sarah Bence ’15, Horn Gallery, 11:10 AM

Supporter Group, Crozier, 7PM

Survivor Group, Weaver, 8PM

Vigil to Honor Survivors, Ransom Lawn – 10:10PM

 Friday October 3rd:

Speak Out, Peirce Pub, 8PM

 Saturday October 4th:

Light Up the Night Carnival, Ransom Lawn, 7:30-9:30PM

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